The beaux story.

Hi, I'm Lauren; coffee drinker, yoga lover, meditator, holistic practitioner and founder of Beaux Health & Wellbeing. 

I have a vision of a haven where compassionate and magical people work together to share the spirit of care with the glamour-lovers, hard workers and fabulous souls of Taunton and beyond.

My favourite motto is "cut yourself free from the pressure to be perfect".  My perfect Sunday afternoon is a yoga class with friends and brunch.  My superpower is bringing people together.

How beaux began

Once upon a time, a girl from the South of England was whisked away into the corporate world of long hours and high-pressure assignments.

She realised that she wasn't the only one whose mental health was suffering from the stresses of modern life.

What she discovered that she wasn't suffering alone, she made the decision to wave the stressful industry goodbye in favour of a place where people could escape, unwind and be pampered.

With a little pipe-dreaming, a lot of nurturing and unrelenting determination, she was able to create the sanctuary that she had craved.

That sanctuary is Beaux.  A place where we can leave responsibilities at the door and say "yes" to self-care.


"Cut yourself free from the pressure to be perfect"


The Beaux Philosophy.

The Beaux philosophy is rooted in the holistic principle of health as wholeness.  This is why our services are not limited to beauty treatments.

We also offer massage, yoga classes and mental wellbeing sessions with qualified therapists and professional life coaches.

Our holistic approach to beauty means that we choose natural ingredients that work to enhance your skin, both internally and externally.

We have teamed up with ethical skincare brands like Plenaire so that we can treat you with products that literally work from the inside out.

We have teamed up with the following amazing brands


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More than a Beauty Salon


We offer a sanctuary where you can treat your whole self to beauty treatments, massage and holistic therapies. 

Our mission is to provide treatments that are so uplifting, you'll feel the benefits long after you leave.

We're social.  Let's be friends.

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