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How To Meditate + Why You Need To Start

What would you expect?


Here and now, meditation is a fairly casual method of self care—it comes at no cost and you can literally do it anywhere.

There are so many forms, from on-the-go guided meditations for those who have trouble slowing down, whether you’re in the midst of running errands, reorganising your office, or driving home after a long day.

Silent meditations for those who like to find refuge from the noise.

Loving Awareness meditation for those who like to dive deep.

Transcendental meditation for those who like to quiet their inner voice or balance their cerebral self.

The less strenuous yogic practices, like kundalini, kirtan, and yin yoga for those who recharge with movement, sound, and collectivity.

Water meditation for those who like to reach the blissful calm associated with our very first sensory experience.

It seems the entire world has adopted a quieting practice in one shape or another. What a beautiful time to collectively recognise that we all need a moment to ground ourselves in order to be present for one another. Below we have shared our favourite ways to meditate.

Insight timer

Our fav app for meditating.

You may have judgments or doubt, but start with a shorter meditation and you may find yourself at ease, think of it as if you were listening to your favourite podcast. This is because Insight Timer’s guided meditations are from real people: spiritual leaders, activists, counsellors, wellness educators, authors, and artists. These teachers offer diverse focuses such as Self Care in times of uncertainty, Mindful Breathing and Affirmations to help start your day.


Once you become comfortable sitting with yourself, thoughts and all, you’ll want to lose the training wheels that a guide provides.

Now you don’t have to wake up at sunrise, but aiming for 10 minutes in the sun (between 7 and 9am) before you hop behind a computer screen for hours will impact the rest of your day.

Sun exposure offers a vitamin D boost, insight for your body’s natural circadian rhythm, and the release of serotonin that generates feeling focused and calm. With meditating I find getting to a relaxed state is half of the battle.

Most importantly listen to what your body needs. Listen to it and meditate on it!

You are oh-so capable.


BY Lauren Sherring


Follow her on Instagram @lauren_beaux


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