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How To Prep For Your First Bikini Wax

And why you need to start waxing ASAP!


When it comes to bikini waxes, there’s no beating around the bush (pardon the pun!), your first time can be a little scary. The idea of having a stranger pour hot wax onto your privates may seem like a horrible thought, but there is a reason that thousands of women regularly book themselves in for a bikini wax at their local salon.

Firstly, waxing producer longer-lasting results than shaving and results in a smoother, softer finish. More importantly, getting a bikini wax is nowhere near as bad as you think!

Still, there are definitely some things we wish we had known before we headed in for our first appointment. We also wish we were waxed by the wonderful, patient beauty therapists at Beaux.

Here is what they would want you to know before you head to your appointment.

Everyone gets a bit nervous and self-conscious on their first time

It’s totally normal to feel a little bit nervous on your first visit. If you are feeling self-conscious, try to remind yourself that our therapists wax intimate areas all day every day. There is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about and no matter how little or how much hair you have down there, our therapists have seen it all before. Being a little shy is normal but we assure you that it is unnecessary. That’s why people return time and time again after their first appointment is a success.

At Beaux, intimate waxing takes place in a private room. You will be provided with disposable pants and a towel. If you are not comfortable removing your underwear entirely, our therapists can work around it. You’ll be lying back the entire time and your therapist will not do anything until you are ready.

Yes, it will hurt… but it’s really not as bad as you think!

Before we answer the question that people are often too afraid to ask, we want to remind you that wax removal takes all of TWO SECONDS! Yes, it hurts but it is just like ripping off a plaster. It’s over in a flash and for long-lasting silky smoothness downstairs, it’s totally worth it.

We also use special wax that is kinder on sensitive skin. We start and finish every wax with vegan products to reduce redness and soothe your skin. In some areas, it will hardly hurt at all. In more sensitive areas, you might feel a sting but it will be over before you know it. Better still, with each visit, it will hurt a little less.

If you are really nervous about the pain, you can always take an ibuprofen twenty minutes before your appointment. Some clients feel this helps take the edge off. We also recommend waiting until after your period when your pain threshold is at its highest.

There are different choices when it comes to shape and style

Before you head to your appointment, have a look through the waxing services on offer and decide what shape and style you want to go for.

A basic bikini involves removing the hair around the bikini line. It’s quick and practically painless. You can also keep your pants on the whole time. This is a good introductory wax if you are still feeling a little shy.

A Brazilian wax involves removing hair from both lips and then neatening the pubic line. If you want all hair removed from underneath with a small triangle on top, book yourself in for a high leg wax. If you want it all off, go for a Hollywood!

There are some things you can do to prep for your appointment

There are a few things you can do to prepare for your appointment. Taking a warm bath or having a hot shower softens the skin which allows for easier hair removal. A gentle exfoliation scrub can also help remove any dead skin around the follicles which will make for a cleaner, gentler wax.

It’s also important that you allow your hair to grow at least a quarter of an inch so that the wax can be properly applied. If you can, avoid shaving prior to your appointment as it creates coarser hair. If you are a committed shaver, don’t worry too much about this. Do make sure there is enough hair for us to remove though, around the length of a grain of rice.

Finally, wear comfortable underwear and avoid tight jeans. It is normal for the skin to feel a little sensitive after a wax so pick out comfy clothing on the day of your appointment. Dig out your comfy pants and give your skin space to breathe and soak in all our lovely soothing products.

Be kind to yourself!

Last but not least, be kind to yourself. If you are feeling anxious prior to your wax, be patient with yourself and remind yourself that what you are feeling is totally normal. Our therapists are wonderfully understanding and if you need a little hand-holding on your first (or second, or third!) time, just let them know. They will do whatever they can to help you feel comfortable.

If getting your first wax is kinda a big deal, reward yourself for your bravery. When you've finished with your waxing treatment, treat yourself to a relaxing massage or a fresh manicure. Better still, bring a friend and celebrate your victory together.


Are you ready to book your first waxing appointment?

See you soon


Waxing Specialist


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