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Yoga In Your Living Room?

We think of everything.

Move slowly and deliberately with focus, each beautiful movement needs to be done in conjunction with a smooth inhale or exhale.

One cycle should take about a minute and a half, so really take your time with it and build up to doing a round of ten.

Combining breath and movement is such a powerful tool, for toning and strengthening your body and brining clarity to your mind.

Sun Salutation

Let’s get started...

In a standing position, put your feet together, hands by your sides and spine straight.

Inhale and raise your arms up over your head, placing the palms together. Lengthen the waist and ribs upwards.

Exhale and bend forward, placing your palms on the floor next to your feet. You can bend your knees as much as you need to in order to put your hands on the floor.

Inhale and lift your chest and head up, this will extend the spine.

Exhale and step your feet back to a high plank, and then as you continue to exhale, lower into a low plank. Make sure you exhale completely.

Remember it’s all about the breath!

Inhale and slide the body forward, coming into upward facing dog, lifting the chest as you straighten your arms. Tilt the head back gently and look up.

Exhale and push your hips up in the air into downward facing dog, and look toward your navel. Take five long, slow breaths in this position.

Step your feet forward to your hands, and extend the chest and head forward.

Exhale and bend the head down toward your legs, stretching the backs of the legs and the length of the spine. Press your hands toward the floor.

Inhale and stand up slowly, raising your arms back up over your head.

As you exhale, come back to a standing position.

Repeat as many times as you need

Don't forget to breath!


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