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IV Vitamin Therapy efficiently provides the body and cells with vitamins, minerals and amino acids it needs with 100% absorption.

Through your bloodstream, it allows your body to receive those nutrients instantly and thrive again for a faster and natural recovery.

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Prices & Rates

B12 Booster - 1 Injection

If you are looking to enhance your overall wellbeing and improve your physical health then you should consider a Vitamin B12 injection.


This can be beneficial for: Increases your energy levels & fight fatigue Improves your metabolism Promotes Healthy Skin & hair Increases overall mental wellbeing and concentration Boosts your immune system to support your physical health It help reduce and manage stress levels.

B12 Booster - Initial course  of 4 treatments

For the best results it’s recommended that an initial course of weekly B12 shots for 4 weeks. Following that a monthly injection for maintenance.