Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid Supplement | ProtoCol

Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid Supplement | ProtoCol


A combination of collagen peptides and vitamins for healthy skin, hair and nails

Contains a unique blend of hydrolysed collagen peptides with nourishing vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, C, D and E, hyaluronic acid and zinc. These active ingredients work together to help boost skin elasticity (firmer, healthier skin), moisture retention and natural radiance. At the same time, it contributes to healthy nail and hair growth, making it a staple pillar in any skincare routine

  • Why Collagen + HA?

    Collagen + HA is an all-rounder supplement containing premium pure collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C, D and E and zinc that helps support healthy hair, skin and nails

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